Recipe using Rendang Paste

Cooking Time

30 Minutes

Serving Time

10 Minutes

Serving Size

6-8 Persons

What You Will Need

200 gram

Cheffaro® Rendang Paste

1.5 kg

of chicken / any meat of choice

200 ml

of water

100 ml

Coconut milk / fresh milk


100 gram of toasted coconut paste

A myriad of spices and herbs slow cooked with coconut milk to create a thick, rich Rendang sauce best cooked with beef or chicken till tender.

How To Make It

Rendang Chicken

1) Stir fry 200g Cheffaro® Rendang Paste at medium heat until fragrant. Add in 1.5kg chicken (or preferred meat), continue cooking for 5 minutes.

2) Turn meat occasionally to avoid burning.

3) Add in 100ml fresh milk or coconut milk (Optional: add 100g toasted coconut paste). Stir well and bring to a quick boil or until dry. Serve hot.

Recipes for This Paste

Rendang Chicken

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