Recipe using Sambal Petai Paste

Cooking Time

20 Minutes

Serving Time

5 Minutes

Serving Size

6-8 Persons

What You Will Need

100 gram

Cheffaro® Sambal Petai Paste

4 Cups

Cooked Rice

100 Gram

Chicken Breast, cut into small pieces (preferred choice of meat / seafood)


Holland Onion

100 Gram

Long Beans (Cut into small pieces)

100 Gram


2 Tablespoon

Cooking Oil

The best comfort food you can ever had after such a long day. The Cheffaro® Sambal Petai Paste with the fluffy rice, fried into perfection is really hard to resist! Who’s with us?

How To Make It

Sambal Petai Fried Rice

1) Heat some oil and saute Holland onion until wilted. Add cut chicken, stink beans (petai), carrot and long beans. Stir-fry until cooked

2) Add the Cheffaro® Sambal Petai Paste and mix evenly.

3) Add cooked rice, stir and mix it well

4) Ready to serve

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