Cheffaro® savor on its originality and authenticity of MALAYSIAN delicacy

Cheffaro® savor on its originality and authenticity of MALAYSIAN delicacy, we bring out the best cooking traditions and practices found in MALAYSIA, and reflects the multi-ethnic flavor.

Our traditional recipes passed down from generation to generations, all ingredients blende together to a fine puree, by, also mingling the similar cooking methods, we created the exotic pastes and package for your pleasure.

Cheffaro® pastes are readymade to serve, We KNOWS thinking about what to cook, then hunting down ingredients, prepping ingredients, following an intricate recipe can be overwhelming and time-consuming. But, it does not stop us, to bring you the most authentic and memorable taste from our Kampung to the busy lifestyles and a fast-paced society. Our pastes are design for sequence of multi-ethnic flavour experiences, Simply add in Cheffaro® ingredients in your prefer proteins and vegetables, then simply garnish and serve!

We carefully source fresh ingredients from across Asia, including our own contract farms and long-standing ingredient suppliers.

Cheffaro® pastes are readymade to serve paste, it is easy to use. and the taste will forevermore original and authentic. It’s quick, convenient, as now anyone can cook! All of our pastes are full of flavors, no additional salt or seasoning needed. All pastes are double sealed to ensure safety and freshness and can be kept for up to 2 years. More products

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Ayam Penyet Paste
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Many have tried and are satisfied with the originality and authenticity of the Malaysian delicacy they cooked with the help of Cheffaro® Paste. Cheffaro® Paste helping even the most inexperienced cook to achieve the best result in Malaysia’s Cuisine. Align with our catchphrase, “satisfaction guaranteed in every packet!”.

TESTIMONY #01 Nasi Ayam Penyet Padu!!

Hari ni saya masak Nasi Ayam Penyet menggunakan pes dari Cheffaro®. Ini kali kedua saya masak menu ni, sebab apa? Mesti la sebab sedap tapi kali ni saya makan dengan sambal hijau.

Tak kisah sambal apa, kalau ayam dah sedap makan dengan sambal merah ke, sambal hijau ke waima sambal belacan pun tetap sedappp..

Mana cukup seketul ayam, mesti ambil 2 ketul. Biar nasi sikit, jangan ayam yang sikit, gituu..

Disebabkan pes yang sedap, sekali tauhu dengan tempe saya perap dengan pes. Cuba la Pes Ayam Penyet dari Cheffaro® ni, pasti tak menyesal!
TESTIMONY #02 Bila dah kerja sehari suntuk kat office dan balik pun lewat, kadang kadang cemas juga bila terfikir kena masak lagi untuk famili. Nasib baik lah dengan ada nya paste dari Cheffaro®, hati pun rasa lega. Tak sampai pun satu jam, I dah boleh siap masak rendang ayam ni. Tak payah susah payah nak tumbuk, kisar, perah dan sebagainya.

Cuma tumis paste, masukkan ayam, air dan santan. Simple dan flavour nya pun best, tak pedas sangat, manis and masin pun just perfect. Pasti kena tambah nasi nanti. Habis la diet.
TESTIMONY #03 Dengan pes dari Cheffaro®, semua kerja memasak jadi mudah dan cepat. Saya memang gemar makan petai tapi bila fikir berapa banyaknya steps untuk hasilkan sambal petai ni... Aduhaiii... Nasib baik lah ada Cheffaro® Famili dah tak sabar nak merasa keenakkanya.

Memang sedap gila weiiiii..

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