Recipe using Asam Fish Paste

Cooking Time

30 Minutes

Serving Time

10 Minutes

Serving Size

6-8 Persons

What You Will Need

200 Gram

Cheffaro® Asam Fish Paste

1 packet

Thick round rice noodles (laksa)

2 tablespoons

Cooking oil

1 can

Sardine in tomato sauce

1 stalk

Vietnamese coriander (Daun kesum)

800 ml

of water

1 packet

Fish ball (cut into half)

Optional Garnishing

Chinese lettuce (sliced)

Red onions (thinly sliced)


Red thai chilies (thinly sliced)


Hard-boiled egg

One of the country’s most popular noodle dishes with a unique taste!

How To Make It

Asam Laksa

1) Boil the laksa noodle, strain and set aside.

2) In a blender, pour the sardine and roughly blend. Then put aside.

3) Heat up another pot with cooking oil and add Cheffaro® Asam Fish Paste with 1 stalk of vietnamese coriander until the oil rises.

4) Pour 1 litre of water and the blended sardine into the same pot.

5) Add in fish balls in the gravy and bring to simmer until thickens.

6) Pour on the laksa noodle and serve while it’s hot with garnish of lettuce, red onions, boiled egg and red thai chili slices on top.

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