Recipe using Aroma Masala Curry Paste

Cooking Time

30 Minutes

Serving Time

10 Minutes

Serving Size

6-8 Persons

What You Will Need

200 Gram

Cheffaro® Aroma Masala Curry Paste

2 Tablespoons

Cooking Oil

2 Teaspoons

of Toasted Fennel Powder

1 Kilogram

Boneless Chicken Thighs

500ml - 1500ml

of Water to add depends on type of meat

This aroma will spice up your lamb, beef, or chicken to create a tantalising dry curry or yummy grilled meat!

How To Make It

Aroma Masala Grilled Chicken

1) Marinate 1kg boneless chicken thigh for 3 hours or overnight using 200g of Cheffaro® Aroma Masala Curry Paste.

2) Heat oil and grill chicken until cooked. Serve hot.

Recipes for This Paste

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